Athens Airport

Eleftherios Venizelos, a famous political figure and a strong promoter of the aviation sector, is honored with the name Athens International Airport (ATH).

The El. Venizelos Airport is Greece’s largest and busiest airport. The cab ride from Athens airport to the city center takes around 25 minutes if there is no traffic, as the city center is roughly 33 kilometers from the airport.

To get to Alimos Katehaki Avenue, take Attiki Odos until you reach the Ymittos Regional Road’s highest point. Finally, depending on the specific position of your destination in the city center, you will need to take local roads.


The cost of a taxi ride from the Athens airport

To assure the best possible service, reserve your airport cab ahead of time. You should be informed, however, that the usual taxi route from Athens Airport (ATH) to the city center costs 38€ during the day and 54€ at night.


The Helios 522 flight, which crashed on Mount Grammatikos, north of the airport, on 14 August 2005, was a stopover destination, and it remains the only major accident that has happened in the wider region of this airport to date (although completely unrelated to the safety infrastructure of the airport).


Athens International Airport is Greece’s busiest and biggest airport. With nearly 20 million passengers, it was Europe’s 28th busiest airport at the end of 2016.

Kalamata Airport

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