Kalamata Airport History

The Airport it operates from 1959.

For 20 years roughly it has been operated in the Airport of Triode. Triodos Airport was used for 20 years in the charge of Hellenic civil aviation. However due to the need of a longer runway, in 19 July 1970 planes were transported to the Kalamata International Airport. Today, it is used by modelists for ultralight aviation and radio-controlled aircraft.

Because the need of use of a bigger runway by the modern planes were transported in the 19-7-1970 in southern most the airport of the 120 P.E.A. where it operated up to the 19-1-1991.

From the 16/1/91 up to today operates in Hellenic Civil Aviation privately spaces which cover 2450 m2 of area , in the South East side of the 120 P.E.A.

In 1986 with the start of flights charter from the abroad, was presented the need manufacture of new installations. The work was completed shortly and in the 16-1-1991 was placed in operation the new Terminal as it is today.

Mission of Kalamata airport is the service of air transportation needs and at extension its contribution in the growth and the progress of Messinia, but also wider region.

Apart from the initial installations, the Y.P.A invests constantly in improvements and reconstructions.

Kalamata Airport Timeline

  • 1959 – Kalamata International Airport opens
  • 1986 – Charter flights begin to operate out of the airport
  • 1991 – New aircraft terminal was built
  • 1991 – Operated by Hellenic Civil Aviation

Kalamata Airport

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