About Kalamata Airport 

Kalamata International Airport, which also goes by the IATA code KLX, is the airport of Kalamata city in Greece.
Kalamata airport has been in operation since 1959, and recieved a major upgrade in 1991 to accommodate package holiday traffic. There is a Greek Air Force base also located at the airport which shares the same runway as the public flight operations.

It is a fairly small airport, and mostly handles charters flights during the busy tourist and vacation summer months.

You can travel to and from Athens Airport, Thessaloniki and Heraklion via Aegean Airlines and Sky Express year round, but most other destinations are only available on a direct flight seasonally. These direct flights can be booked through Olympic Air, SmartWings, and Thomson Airways among others.

Travel from the airport to your destination is best handled using the local bus system or hiring a taxi. There is a bus stop located right outside of the airport, which has regular buses to Kalamata, but other destinations may be difficult to get to and require that you hire a taxi.

If possible, try to book your taxi before you land, or arrange for your hotel to book the taxi for you. Most drivers will be happy to stand outside with a sign with your name on it awaiting your arrival. This can end up saving you a lot of stress and time during peak hours where there is a lot of competition to get a taxi.

This airport contains only the basic facilities which travellers should require, including an ATM, a cafeteria, and two small shops which contain small gifts and local souvenirs. Airport type Public



For 20 years roughly it has been operated in the Airport of Triode. Triodos Airport was used for 20 years in the charge of Hellenic civil aviation.


kalamata International Airport hosts many charter flights from Europe from May till October, Air Berlin flies from Nuremberg, Arkefly flies from Amsterdam..


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