About Kalamata

Kalamata located in Peloponnese and is the second largest city in Peloponnese after Patras with 70,130 inhabitants.

What to See

The castle of Kalamata

It was founded during the Byzantine period and until now its visitors sightsee among the ruins of that time. At the southern end of the castle, the International Dance Festival is hosted, while the castle is the backdrop that unfolds also the well-known novel “Princess Isabo” by Angelos Terzakis.

The Old Town of Kalamata

It is the area to the north of the modern city, under the Castle area. Today it is located by the metropolitan church of Ypapanti, Sparta Street and the Square of 23rd March, and has, among other things, brought together many places of youth especially during the winter months. It is considered the best place to start exploring the city.

Wandering in the narrow streets will take you to another era and give you the chance to discover old buildings that have lagged over time, dozens of mansions, stone-built churches, museums and shops with local products.

Ypapanti Square

It was the first off-castle area inhabited in the city. In the Ypapanti square lies the majestic Metropolitan church of Ypapanti tou Sotiros, with the double bell towers and the silver domes. North of the church and Ypapanti Square is the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata, housed in a traditional 19th century building. Right across the church is the Military Museum of Kalamata, with remarkable exhibits from 1821 onwards, and very close, to Agiou Ioanni Street you can visit the Historical and Folklore Museum of Kalamata.

Aristomenous Street

It crosses the heart of the city, with the beginning being bounded by 23rd March Square and its end at Customs, at the harbor. When it was built in 1871, it was called as National Road of Paralias – Kalamon.

Walking from the beginning to Aristomenous Street, which has been pedestrianized, you will find some of the most important neoclassical buildings of Kalamata, housing public services and institutions: initially the building of REX Hotel and next to it the Town Hall of Kalamata. After the end of the pedestrianized section of Aristomenous Street, we find the central square of Kalamata, King George Square.

There we see the building of Bank of Greece, a neoclassical building of the early 20th century. From Aristomenous Street, which crosses King George Square, you will see the composition “Eleftheria”, which is set in the middle of the square, with the heroes of the Greek Revolution, Papaflessas, Kolokotronis, Mavromichalis.

Throughout its length, Aristomenous Street is full of cafés and commercial shops.

Navarino Avenue

The coastal road of Kalamata, Navarino Avenue, is one of the busiest places in the city and one of the most beautiful places for strolling, cycling and, of course, cool dives.

It has large pavements with palm trees along its coastline and many beautiful neoclassical buildings, among which one stands out at the corner of Navarino and Byron Streets, the bi-level building of the 1900s, and the one that houses the Municipal Art School (8 Navarinou Street). The nightlife of Kalamata is concentrated here and is very intense.

The port of Kalamata

Teloneion Square is centrally located, dominated by the homonymous administrative building and the port authority. Just to the west of the square you will see the enormous building of the Autonomous Raisin Organization, while on the west you will find the marina of the city, which gathers plenty of restaurants in front of the sea.

Continuing to the east, you will see the industrial building of Messinia’s “Evangelistria” Roller Mills, a cultural heritage monument built in 1926 and reminds you of another era, when the port of Kalamata flooded with merchants and was the center not only of Messinia, but also of the whole of Greece.

Railway Municipal Park

It is the only kind of outdoor museum in Greece and is known to all the friends of the Railways around the world. It occupies a total area of ​​54 acres and is located in one of the most central parts of the city. It is a 5-minute walk from Kalamata’s main square, following Aristomenous Street, towards the harbor.

In the renovated “Kalamata – Limen” station there is a refreshment on the ground floor.

Kalamata Airport

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