Kalamata Airport Taxi
Kalamata Airport Taxi
Kalamata Airport Taxi

Kalamata Airport Taxi

Many tourists every year fly to Kalamata International Airport, also known by its International Air Transport Association code of KLX, to start their vacations in Greece. But the airport is a fair distance from popular towns and other resorts, for example it’s more than 11.5 kilometers (over 7.2 miles) from Kalamata, so you’ll need some transportation to get there from the airport.

One of the best ways to make the journey to any nearby location is by taking a taxi, because you will have the reassurance of knowing that your luggage is safely locked in the vehicle. Also, there won’t be any strangers riding with you, and the driver will make sure that you are dropped off outside the front door of your hotel or other location where you’re staying during your trip.

All you need to learn about Kalamata Airport taxis

Once you have arrived at the airport and you’ve collected your bags and gone through security, look for signs inside the terminal that will show you where to go to get a taxi. If you are unable to find this area you can ask an airport staff member to point you in the right direction.

The typical journey time between the airport and downtown Kalamata is about 15 minutes, but the ride might be quicker if your journey is early in the morning or late at night. If you’re getting a taxi at busy traffic times, for example during rush hour, then the ride could take longer.

Taxis that pick up from the airport charge their fares using a meter, which calculates the cost based on how far you travel, with longer journeys being more expensive.

An average taxi fare from the airport to the center of Kalamata will usually cost around €20 if you are traveling during the day, and this increases to about €25 for nighttime rides.

Tips, tricks and scams to avoid with Kalamata Airport taxis

While many taxi drivers operating from the airport are reputable, there are a handful that might try to use some common tricks to scam you out of more money than you need to pay.

One way drivers to charge more is by not starting their meter at the beginning or the journey, or starting it at a much higher amount than typical. When you get into a taxi you should check that the meter has been reset and that it is working properly when the ride begins.

Another trick that some drivers use is to take you on an indirect and very long route to get to your hotel or wherever else you’re staying in Greece. Because taxis charge the fares based on distance traveled, this can significantly increase the fare. To counteract this scam, look up the quickest route to your destination from the airport and insist that the driver use it.

If you’re paying by cash it’s also a great idea to count the change that you receive from the driver while still in the car, because they might not give you back all that you’re owed.


Kalamata Airport Taxis are available outside the terminal building.


To book a taxi at Kalamata Airport, please contact Kalamata Radio Taxi at +30 2721 021112

Service hours: 24/7.


One-way fare to Kalamata city centre is 15-25 €.

Please note that there’s always a fixed surcharge for extra luggage.

FAQ About Kalamata Airport Taxis

Any taxi that you get from the airport to destinations across Greece will charge using a meter, which bases the final fare on the amount of distance that you travel. This means that journeys will increase in cost depending on the overall length of the journey you’re taking.

You can expect to pay your taxi driver about €20 for the journey from Kalamata Airport to the city, but this average cost increases slightly to €25 if your ride is during the evening.

On average, you can expect to be in the taxi for about 20 minutes, but the journey might take even more time during rush hour or other peak traffic moments. You might make the ride in less than 20 minutes if you’re driving very early in the morning or at other less-busy times.

Kalamata Airport taxis always charge the same for a ride no matter if it’s just you in the car or you have several traveling companions, so the far is based per taxi and not per person.

Knowing the tricks that drivers may use to overcharge you is the first step, and one of the most common tactics is taking you on a long route to your accommodation, because this increases the fare. You can overcome this scheme by looking up and writing down the quickest way from the airport to your destination, and then demanding that the driver use this route.

Although tipping is not mandatory in Greece, it is considered a courteous gesture to give your taxi driver a few Euros representing about 10 percent of the fare if you think that they provided a friendly, safe and quick ride to your destination. However, should you believe that the ride was overpriced and not secure, then there is no duty for you to leave the driver any tip.

Before the taxi ride begins, you should ask the driver to check the meter and ensure that it has been reset to zero so that you’re not at the risk of being overcharged.

Kalamata Airport

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